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Saturday, December 15, 2012


As long as you’re around, you are always forgotten
Like a street dirty cat, or a shoe that is rotten
But as soon as you’re gone, the faceless ones will come
In the funeral day, they’ll all have lies to say!
A few before your down, when you sensed you were nothing
Emotionally detached, and surrounded by the living
It was ticking and ticking, you had missed the last train
Nothing was left for you but loitering in life on an endless old rail
That very last whisper in your ear said dear oak, I am autumn
I am afraid I have to leave; your last winter is coming
So, this time it’s different, I’ll never be back again
And the leaves that you've loved, will fall away forever,
They’ll find another tree; they’re falling in with winter
Dear oak, don’t you humble before the winter and your green
Don’t you dare giving up who you've been
die with dignity, give up and leave, give up and leave

Monday, November 19, 2012


Sometimes everything I write appears to me as scribbled lines on a piece of paper, but some other times I find them shaping that beautiful smile of yours

Friday, November 9, 2012

When religion reaches power, when it gets social, political and economic abilities, it won't hesitate to become as dirtily and impurely dominant as you've never seen!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Alone As Ever...

It is when darkness becomes an inseparable friend, and a rotten story rules, and words become frivolous, crummy and piteous, not being listened to as if they'd never been said, sounding like they’re coming out of a mouth, not a brain, coming out and only because they’re useful, powerful and undefeatable, not because they’re real nor true, not even needing to be said nor heard!
when racing around the same circle becomes a routine, a duty, all the spots and all the scenes are familiar, are the same; they’re standing still, frozen in time forever, my ever! They’re not so unintelligible as to be misunderstood, and you are not so esoteric as to be an immortally unanswered question. You become who you really are, an empty page, conspicuously legible, and nothing is left in you to quench my thirst,  like an unfilled hollowed glass, neat as a pin.
When desire and lust rule over the deep inside of my self, which said, and kept saying constantly and repeatedly no, no, all the time no.
And When the trace that you mightily wanted to leave vanishes away from the scene, and the you that you've never been, evanesces in the wind. When the whole picture turns out to be just a bunch of frozen things, in a very feckless unimportant moment.
A uniquely built character in the story collapses and becomes as unscrupulously conventional as the rest. And I once again become as lonely and desperate as I was once upon a time!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Going away...

Today, what is today?
Just another one that passes away.
It's a while ago since it meant a thing to me
it's a while ago, but it feels like it only was yesterday.
Places become darker, and people become beasts
with whom I can't live, nor can I stay.
But sometime soon
when the wilderness is frozen 
and the sky without a moon
I'll get up and leave
I'll find a way
I'll keep walking and walking
so far away...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sentenced to you!

I am packed with sensations, I am surrounded by them as well, detained, not being jailed nor being released. Haven’t been sentenced yet. I wonder why am I here! Who shot whom! did you shoot me? did I shoot me?
Outside, life is cold and dangerous, I haven’t been there since a long while. I remember how hard and fast it was. I remember there were many monsters wearing faces of people. Faces that smiled to my sadness, and frowned to my happiness. I also remember, I was lonely out there, I used to look down all the time, I noticed they had no shadows. They didn't want to have ones, they never tried, they were just some lost visitors, they come and leave without a single remnant. Nothing would ever be able to tell who they were and why they were. Nothing!
I was forlorn! I saw a shadow, I chased after it. One shadow was the only bright side of the whole outside, I tried hard, and, I only wanted to be loved and befriended. I wanted to lie down in the shade of yours, to relax for once. I needed the shelter of you! I didn't mean to scare you, I just thought that our shadows could together create a home for us.
I am used to this jail now, I am willing to take whatever comes from it, I don’t want out, sentence me to life imprisonment I beg! Or make it a death one.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hurt, In love...

Too many emotions and feelings, they're gathering, they are hungry, they are swallowing me, piece after the other, into a hollowed place where it's so dark, I can't see.
The thoughts lost their way in the  brain roads and tunnels in my head. I lost my wings and therefore I was thrown up high into the sky. I fell down, I broke, I splintered, I am pieces! They're colorful and, the collision of each one had made a sound.
Don't be scared, pick them up softly, listen to their sounds. I am a mosaic panel of love and hate, of pain, I am a song of love.
Put me together and, bring me back to life. Look at me, listen to me! touch me, I am here. I am real!

Friday, September 21, 2012

To Society!

You know I feel lonely when I am alone, but I feel lonelier when I am with you!

A Loner Says

If you don't expect much from people, they will never let you down!


Dear world,
All the reasons behind my being are disappearing and fading into darkness
I am falling down from a high place, I won't look cause I don't dare
Oh dear,
All the memories I’ve had are falling apart like broken mirrors
pieces here, and pieces there
of me and her

Language Frustration

I find it really frustrating, writing about someone and, the purport of this writing aims at a neutral but, not finding a way away from using "Him" as a "neutral" demonstrative because that points out the patriarchalism that we are living in, which I hate! Nor finding a way away from using "Her" as a "neutral" demonstrative because that points out my poring over writing the her down on my note, which I am trying so hard to show and hide at once!

Me Vs Death

The biggest similarity between myself and death is that we both choose the one we want chaotically, randomly and want them impatiently but, death takes their lives away whereas, I try to give them a new one!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Film About Mouhammad

I heard and read this a lot recently, 'why to kill the ambassador and the three other men, they are innocent, they are not the ones who made the film "about" Mouhammad'.
Now, they are innocent I agree. But, says who that there should be a guilt in making a film or the film to start with?
The "filmmaker" who made this film is an idiot, maybe. The film sucks and, it's useless, maybe. Do I agree with him? No, or at least that's what I until now know. The guy is guilty for making the film and deserves to die? No way! That would be a crime against freedom!

I became. . .

The fight was me vs them, me vs you and me vs everything. The fight is becoming me vs me!

Take me out!

I was pretty, until I saw it coming, I saw the countdown. Zero time has come. I started destroying all the pretty things that I was and, I saw myself giving up on the things, I was holding tight the most because they made me who I am, they made me! When I used to face troubles with resistance, I used to call myself for the rescue. Now, that myself is getting demolished, now that myself is getting gone, who can I call for the rescue! I am indeed in need to you. Help me out, take me out!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

As I am drunk

As I am drunk, I question my self and my past many questions...

What if?
why did you?
why not!
wouldn't it have been really nice if we?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Life has lots of ups and downs, but isn't the last one always a down!?