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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Going away...

Today, what is today?
Just another one that passes away.
It's a while ago since it meant a thing to me
it's a while ago, but it feels like it only was yesterday.
Places become darker, and people become beasts
with whom I can't live, nor can I stay.
But sometime soon
when the wilderness is frozen 
and the sky without a moon
I'll get up and leave
I'll find a way
I'll keep walking and walking
so far away...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sentenced to you!

I am packed with sensations, I am surrounded by them as well, detained, not being jailed nor being released. Haven’t been sentenced yet. I wonder why am I here! Who shot whom! did you shoot me? did I shoot me?
Outside, life is cold and dangerous, I haven’t been there since a long while. I remember how hard and fast it was. I remember there were many monsters wearing faces of people. Faces that smiled to my sadness, and frowned to my happiness. I also remember, I was lonely out there, I used to look down all the time, I noticed they had no shadows. They didn't want to have ones, they never tried, they were just some lost visitors, they come and leave without a single remnant. Nothing would ever be able to tell who they were and why they were. Nothing!
I was forlorn! I saw a shadow, I chased after it. One shadow was the only bright side of the whole outside, I tried hard, and, I only wanted to be loved and befriended. I wanted to lie down in the shade of yours, to relax for once. I needed the shelter of you! I didn't mean to scare you, I just thought that our shadows could together create a home for us.
I am used to this jail now, I am willing to take whatever comes from it, I don’t want out, sentence me to life imprisonment I beg! Or make it a death one.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hurt, In love...

Too many emotions and feelings, they're gathering, they are hungry, they are swallowing me, piece after the other, into a hollowed place where it's so dark, I can't see.
The thoughts lost their way in the  brain roads and tunnels in my head. I lost my wings and therefore I was thrown up high into the sky. I fell down, I broke, I splintered, I am pieces! They're colorful and, the collision of each one had made a sound.
Don't be scared, pick them up softly, listen to their sounds. I am a mosaic panel of love and hate, of pain, I am a song of love.
Put me together and, bring me back to life. Look at me, listen to me! touch me, I am here. I am real!