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Friday, September 21, 2012

To Society!

You know I feel lonely when I am alone, but I feel lonelier when I am with you!

A Loner Says

If you don't expect much from people, they will never let you down!


Dear world,
All the reasons behind my being are disappearing and fading into darkness
I am falling down from a high place, I won't look cause I don't dare
Oh dear,
All the memories I’ve had are falling apart like broken mirrors
pieces here, and pieces there
of me and her

Language Frustration

I find it really frustrating, writing about someone and, the purport of this writing aims at a neutral but, not finding a way away from using "Him" as a "neutral" demonstrative because that points out the patriarchalism that we are living in, which I hate! Nor finding a way away from using "Her" as a "neutral" demonstrative because that points out my poring over writing the her down on my note, which I am trying so hard to show and hide at once!

Me Vs Death

The biggest similarity between myself and death is that we both choose the one we want chaotically, randomly and want them impatiently but, death takes their lives away whereas, I try to give them a new one!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Film About Mouhammad

I heard and read this a lot recently, 'why to kill the ambassador and the three other men, they are innocent, they are not the ones who made the film "about" Mouhammad'.
Now, they are innocent I agree. But, says who that there should be a guilt in making a film or the film to start with?
The "filmmaker" who made this film is an idiot, maybe. The film sucks and, it's useless, maybe. Do I agree with him? No, or at least that's what I until now know. The guy is guilty for making the film and deserves to die? No way! That would be a crime against freedom!

I became. . .

The fight was me vs them, me vs you and me vs everything. The fight is becoming me vs me!

Take me out!

I was pretty, until I saw it coming, I saw the countdown. Zero time has come. I started destroying all the pretty things that I was and, I saw myself giving up on the things, I was holding tight the most because they made me who I am, they made me! When I used to face troubles with resistance, I used to call myself for the rescue. Now, that myself is getting demolished, now that myself is getting gone, who can I call for the rescue! I am indeed in need to you. Help me out, take me out!