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Saturday, December 15, 2012


As long as you’re around, you are always forgotten
Like a street dirty cat, or a shoe that is rotten
But as soon as you’re gone, the faceless ones will come
In the funeral day, they’ll all have lies to say!
A few before your down, when you sensed you were nothing
Emotionally detached, and surrounded by the living
It was ticking and ticking, you had missed the last train
Nothing was left for you but loitering in life on an endless old rail
That very last whisper in your ear said dear oak, I am autumn
I am afraid I have to leave; your last winter is coming
So, this time it’s different, I’ll never be back again
And the leaves that you've loved, will fall away forever,
They’ll find another tree; they’re falling in with winter
Dear oak, don’t you humble before the winter and your green
Don’t you dare giving up who you've been
die with dignity, give up and leave, give up and leave

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